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Things Dey Shele – By Kamor

Things happen every single time around us, but only those whose eyes are always open seem to get first hand information as witnesses just as it happened.

Social media I guess was invented to help bring the world closer and also to make it smaller. Distance doesn’t matter, once you online you can chat for as long as you wish. Over the years, these platforms have gotten few improvements by the inventors, engineers and by it’s users. A new word was borne out of it, “sext”. Let me briefly explain what this word means. Sext comes from the word sex, and text. So texting (chatting) raunchy is referred to as sext. This practice is now prevalent on our social media. There has been recent reports of leaked nudes pictures on Facebook over the years, most especially women’s pictures. These ladies send their picture’s, nudes to some guy who could be a boyfriend, friend or anyone who they wanna get laid with. Not all have had happy endings though.

This week on Facebook, a Facebook user with the user name Hype Man, posted a screenshot of his chat with another Facebook user who we assume was or is his girlfriend. Rumors has it that he asked her for some money and she did not give it to him and so it get back at her, he posted a picture of her raunchy chat with him, a picture of her tits, a picture of her p**sy, and a picture of her full naked self. It’s sad, it’s really is. What happens in the other room stays in the room, bringing it all up on social media should earn this guy a Grammy for the most Stupid and childish guy of the year. Anyways, the post seems to have been deleted but, sad enough screenshots have been taken. Sad enough.

See some of the screenshots below

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