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DaChat With Kamar Lima

“I Never Had A Contract With Space Boys, I’m Done With Them” – Bizakeem

Yeah yeah Ladies and gentlemen its good to have you back on another episode of DaChat With Lima, today we have BIZAKEEM. Former artist of Space Boys Entertainment, in a little chat with us he revealed that his former label dropped him without his consent in the name of protecting their label because there was no legal documents binding them. However, he is with a different crew now. Get the Juicy gist below.

DaChat With Kamar Lima: There where speculations last month that you have left Space Boys Entertainment, you didn’t issue a statement. How true is it?

Bizakeem: I didnt “leave” SBE… I never did. But I’m not part of them now anymore though.

DaChat With Kamar Lima: Why the sudden exit? Why aren’t yo with them now?

Bizakeem: I’m with a new Record Label now. High Class Music Empire.

DaChat With Kamar Lima: Ok nice, Did your contract with SBE expire before you exited?

Bizakeem: I never had a contract with space boys, nothing legal binded us.

DaChat With Kamar Lima: Do you think yo have wronged then in anyway, for them to drop you without yo consent?

Bizakeem: Don’t know. Could be something else. Even tho we both made mistakes in different ways. Buh we still good. They still family!🙏

DaChat With Kamar Lima: Do you feel they weren’t loyal to yo?

Bizakeem: I don’t know. I have no idea.

DaChat With Kamar Lima: So you have nothing against SBE or any of their artist?

Bizakeem: Nope! Absolutely Not.

DaChat With Kamar Lima: Alright, thank you for your time sir. Do have a nice day!

Bizakeem also told us that they’ll be an official unveiling of his new label and contract signing, details on the poster

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