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Skales Accused Of Doing Drugs As He Refutes Rumours

Nigerian singer Raoul John Njeng-Njeng wisely known by his stage name Skales is being accused of dabbling into drug use. The accusation was shot at the singer while he appeared on a program on MTV Base.

From close observations it was discovered Skales tongue was blue, which gave a strong case that the singer may be abusing Rohypnol drugs which is blue in colour.

This comes in with the recent reports of celebrities battling depression and abusing different substances.

Waking up to accusations of drug abuse, Baseline Music star tried to refute the rumours in a new video. The ‘Fire Waist’ crooner said he actually was eating some blue raspberry candies and that he doesn’t do drugs.

Watch the clips below.

Here is how he debunked the rumours in a new video.

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